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Anytime returning or potential customers visit your website, you have about 9 seconds, statistically, to assure them that they have found a credible professional who can be trusted to deliver value for their money. Video is one of the fastest and most palatable ways to get your message across and to effectively communicate your professionalism. You may have heard that in the world of online marketing content is king. It is, but video is the king of content. Here are a few reasons why.




User Friendly

Whether you have a lot or a little information to share with your audience, video gets it across in the least obtrusive way. A long message can be audio-heavy, allowing guests to listen while they do other things. If your message is short, then stimulating visual hooks may be the way to go.


If you have a compelling message that people enjoy or can relate to, they can easily share it. Links to videos often appear as a thumbnail, which people are eager to click on since they have a good idea of what they are getting.

Of course, there’s a big difference between amateur and professional-grade video. Professional videography gives you access to advanced panning capabilities, professional editing, and slick production value. Remember, you only have 9 seconds to show your professionalism. That’s why professional videography production is so important.

Google Hacks

Google puts a lot of effort into pushing the best content toward the top of their search results. They know the power of video content and they are eager to promote it. The simple reason is that it improves the user experience of their search engine. So, if you help Google, they will help you.


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